Glass Products

Tempered Glass/ Tempered Glass Door
Tempered glass is created by heating glass to near melting point and generating compressive stress on the surface of the glass through rapid cooling with air. It is three to five times stronger than ordinary glass pane of the same thickness. All our tempered glass are passed international standard BS6206 products testing.

Auto-sliding Tempered Glass Door
The wheel gear box adopts the spiral wheel gear, making operation quickly and move steadily.
Safe and Convenience:
The door will sprung automatically when run into the stumbling block, and open quickly, avoiding clip the personnel piece and a damage of machine phenomenon occurrence.

Fire resistant Glass Door

- heat resistance,
- sound reduction,
- impact safety,
- solar control,
- protection against manual attack design.
All the Fire resistant glass, Door Frame and parts are passed international standard BS6206 products testing. We can provide the certification for all the fire resistant goods.


Electrical Liquid Crystal Glass
It is a kind of laminating glass which is made of one piece of crystal sheet and two pieces of float glass. Customer could have a choice of either a clear or frosted appearance simply by flipping a switch, to secure privacy instantly and discreetly. It can be on interior and exterior.
- office, shop, hospital, clinic, bath room, conference room and projection screen.
- shatterproof, not hurt people if it is broken
- noise proof
- quick response
- quickly response to sound and light stimuli to provide a variety of attractive presentations
- can be wiped clean using a soft cloth / glass cleaner (never use alkaline cleaner)
- Low-power Consumption
- CE certificate


Professional to undertake all types of iron, steel, aluminum combination glass works, as well as worldwide glass wholesale and retail, and to provide professional-quality installation services.

Our Glass Products:

Float Glass, Tempered Glass, Fire Resistant Glass, Crystal Glass, Sandblast Glass, Crystal, Glass, Paint Coating Glass, Color Glass, Curved Glass, Etching Glass, Suzi Glass, Pattern Glass, Laminated Glass, Insulate Glass, Heat Insulation Glass, Sound Reduction Glass, Electrical Liquid Crystal Glass, Jewellery Cabinet, Glass Ceiling and Floor, Bulletproof Glass Partition, Glass Railing, Glass Case, Aquarium Glass, Mirror, Safety Mirror, Burglarproof Mirror, Non-coppered Mirror, Color Mirror, Crystal Mirror, etc...

States in accordance with customer requests for a variety of different functions and specifications of glass products. All tempered glass passed BS6206 quality standards through international testing; all mirrors without the use of patented copper production process, with the best transmission rate and flatness, high-definition, distinctive uniform image, but also to improve the durability of the mirrors.

Also we have provided other eco-friendly materials products, we are committed to make an effort to protect the environment.

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